Sunday, May 17, 2015

Haley & Sara's Wedding in Tallahassee, FL - Simply Captivating with Sensitive Moments

Same-Sex Wedding - A Challenging, but Heartwarming Experience

When Haley and Sara contacted us to provide photography services for their wedding, we were very excited since they were the first gay couple contacting our company for photography services. A challenging job for us, but a great opportunity to learn about same-sex weddings celebrations! 

We started with getting ready photographs. Actually, they asked us to start with portraits, but we shared with them some great experience about Getting Ready photographs with excellent outcomes, so they allowed us to capture those sensitive moments.

Wisely decision having portrait photographs before ceremony since they had the opportunity to share with their loved ones and guests after ceremony. 

The ceremony was in a country place surrounded by nature. We were a little concern about weather because predictions were not positive, but the clouds started moving out to welcome a wedding ceremony full of wonderful emotions.

What brings understanding is love.

First dance for Haley and Sara after getting married.

The reception was not the exception. Warm and enthusiastic people sharing with 
Haley and Sara during such great celebration.


               Decorations added a touch of distinction and beauty to the environment.

Our best wishes to both in such wonderful journey! 
Discover the mystery & magic of life every day. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Every Wedding Is Unique - Wonderful Images Captured at The Grand Plaza Hotel

Getting ready images make a huge difference in any bride’s gallery. 
Just relax and think that a great moment is approaching, your wedding ceremony!

Unforgettable moments are created by people’s feelings
and children’s spontaneity is a plus!

Special effects are applied to enhance beauty.

Decorations create a welcoming environment and it is crucial colors combination. 
Imagination has no boundaries.

A perfect day for a perfect couple!

 Just live your moment and we do the rest.

Time for celebration!!! What a wonderful wedding!!!

Thank You!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014