Thursday, January 26, 2012

Open letter to Brides

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. That day will be a very important day in your life; all day will be about love, feelings, family and friends; there will be expressions of happiness, there will be a lot of hugs, the people will be laughing, yelling, someone is going to weep with emotions, could be you, your future husband, you mom, your daddy or your sister. It is the time when you leave your parent's house or your own house to start sharing your life with your loved one and start together a new family, a new life. At the end of the day all will be gone, ended, and become the past, and there will be only one thing that will make you go back to that time, and that will help you remember all the good things as they were: THE PICTURES.

 That is the reason you must select a good photographer with experience, that has the ability to see all the feelings and emotions in the people, and how people react to something, and get all those expressions captured forever in digital format, on paper or in photo-books, as your irreplaceable wedding memories. There is nothing worse than see a very unhappy bride who made the wrong decision to hire a photographer just because they were cheaper, or made the decision to use a friend or family member as a photographer, and the results were less than desired.

So many people think wrongly that the fact that somebody has a camera with a high number in megapixels and that cost a lot of money, are enough reasons to believe the pictures that will be taken will be good.  A great photo requires at least three components: a good subject, a great camera and a photographer who is an artist.  Please don’t be one of those unhappy brides that will have regrets after these things happen, think about this:

We want to offer you the opportunity to be happy for ever with your pictures by hiring us at an affordable price for a professional photography service that fulfill all your needs during your wedding day. Amparo and I are people with sensitivity and we will help you during your wedding not only as photographers but as caring friends.

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