Thursday, November 14, 2013

Moments of beauty, love, and creativity took place at the Tampa Palms Country Club

(Click on the picture for enlargement)

Everything was ready to start capturing Getting Ready images at Chrissy and Jacob's Wedding Day.

Deep thoughts came up while Chrissy stared at her wedding dress.

Flowers were used to enhace the beauty of their wedding rings. 

Bridesmaids were helpful and ready to enjoy every single moment with dedication. 

Chrissy, it is time to let the light come through to enhance your beauty.

Ready for the ceremony! 

No words are needed to visualize her dad waiting for Chrissy to matrimony. 

Deal! Time to start a new life together.

 Portraits captured before reception.

 Time to enjoy their reception - First Dance moments.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Energetic Wedding at Sirata Resort in St. Petersburg Beach

Tiffany and Michael's wedding day started at her parents' home. There was a marvelous landscape that Jorge used to capture beauty of nature with Tiffany's wedding ring.

Her sister and mom were helping putting a garter on her leg. Everybody participated to get her ready for her grand day!   

Leaving the church. Black and white photograph to visualize wonder of light! 

Their portrait session took place at the beach. Jorge focused their wedding rings while they kissing in the background; great contrast and combination of colors!

Jorge told them: Just relax and feel your wonderful moment to be remembered forever!
And this is what came up! 

The bridal party having fun while walking on the beach. They were ready for the reception! 

Both were singing each other during their first dance and all night long; couple full of energy and, of course, love! 

Candid and curious photographs! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Engagement photographs - Their wedding is around the corner!

Getting ready for their engagement session several times, but postponing due to rainy days. Finally, we got a beautiful day at Honeymoon Island!

Jorge was delighted taking their photographs since he could perceive their happiness; enjoying every single moment!

Engagement session is a great opportunity to learn more about couples and their preferences as well as to break the ice!

Some of the photographs were suggested by Chrissy and Jacob, which was wonderful!

Having engagement photographs is a rehersal for wedding photographs!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Great moments at East Lake Woodlands Country Club

Today, is your day!

Nicole... ready to go?

Yes, let's go to a new and exciting journey!

It's time for celebration; everything was just marvelous!

Nicole & Ryan leaving for their honeymoon!